24-Hour Locksmith In Round Rock Texas - Round Rock Locksmith ProsThe world is a dangerous place today full of scammers around us. Before you give a locksmith the opportunity to touch your locks, you should make sure you are dealing with the right person. Don’t give just anyone the job of making you some duplicate keys and you find your house empty one day and the house wasn’t broken into. The person you gave the job turned to be a scam and robbed you in broad daylight. So what are you supposed to do to spot a fraud locksmith:


Before you allow the locksmith business to start working on your lock, ask to see some identification. This gives you the assurance that you are dealing with a legit person. If you have any doubts, call the locksmith’s business and inquire if it is the right person who has shown on your doorstep. Some professional locksmiths will require seeing your identification to just to make sure they haven’t been called to break into someone’s house.

Shop around

A local locksmith is one of the best choices you have and you can actually work with. It is also easier to trust a person who is from the same locality as you since it is hard for them to be mischievous because they will be easily found. Compare the prices of different locksmiths around and make the best choice. A good locksmith will only quote their price after seeing the work but not directly over the phone. Scammers are most likely to charge you expensively and over the phone as well.

Previous jobs

Don’t hesitate to ask about the previous work the locksmith has done to obtain some recommendations. A fraudster will be hazy or reluctant about this and could be trying to evade your questions by giving you stories. A legit locksmith wouldn’t have a problem with pointing you in the direction of one happy and satisfied customer.


A good locksmith can’t pressure you over the price. The legit locksmith loves his job and doesn’t need to pressure you to get a response. If it is an emergency, make sure the locksmith has all the identification required and branded uniform for that matter. A fraudster will push you to pay cash since this way, there is no way you can track them in case of anything. He will also refuse to give you an invoice with a breakdown of the price and this is a red flag