When it comes to running a Round Rock locksmith business out of a van, being continuously mobile to go anywhere at any time is highly important. Having the tools and space to place them in is important, but so are the features inside the vehicle that makes it faster to control the car. The van must fulfill a 21st-century mobile job with everything accessible in the back. Here are a few vans that are worth for a Round Rock mobile locksmith business.

Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transitis a van that works as both a passenger vehicle and a cargo transporter. The model has three various heights in height and length, with mid to high roofs allowing two-sided sliding doors. This allows the person to choose the amount of cargo space needed for their type of work. It also includes the SYNC 3 infotainment system including GPS and the use of apps through the iPhone, as well as rear view camera.

Chevy Express Cargo

Inside, the space can be utilized in many ways for a locksmith and a construction worker, with room to store tools. The vehicle includes standard rear swing-out doors and a sliding cargo door, plus two options for engines that pack plenty of power to get the van place-to-place without issue. In addition, the car comes with 4G LTE Wi-Fi® via OnStar, the MyLink 7-inch color touch-screen for GPS usage, and a 120-Volt power outlet and USB to give power to run a business while mobile.

Dodge RAM ProMaster City

Also known as the Fiat Ducato in Europe, it is a durable vehicle with top-notch a front-wheel drive system that gives strong traction and mobility while driving. This driving with its lengthy turning diameter helps the Ram ProMastergo through traffic in the city and on the highway to get to various worksites easily.The cargo 460 cubic feet area’s walls maximize the space for storage and any installments for the cargo shelves inside.

Nissan NV200® Compact Cargo

The NV200 has a 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder engine, quad-wheel Anti-lock Braking System, power door locks, and split rear cargo doors. Inside, there is Mobile Office Style center console with storage – aluminum or steel, 28-inch or 32-inch, Bluetooth, wiring for telematics and a holster for any laptop, and over twenty integrated reinforced cargo-mounting points for all storage, racks, and other organizers. To solidify the safety of the vehicle, a security hasp & cylinder lock can also be installed in the rear.

The van is the office and the livelihood of being a residential locksmith always on the drive. It is an occupation that requires many things functioning during the run to keep it all on schedule. Having the right vehicle for the job helps and having enough room for storage and display advertisement on the windowless sides adds to the locksmith’s vehicle specialty.