Have you ever had to make a copy of a house key? Ever wonder how a precise enough copy can be made, or why a poor quality key doesn’t work? Better yet, are you curious how master keys have the ability to open a wide variety of doors? All these questions and more can be answered when taking a look at the locksmith process of key cutting.

Key Cutting Basics

residential locksmith picKey cutting is nothing new. With keys being of central importance to protecting residencies and commercial spaces alike, locksmiths are well versed in a number of key cutting techniques. The longest standing techniques involve creating duplicates of keys from scratch. More often then not, this involves taking a general mold of the key that is being duplicated and filing it down until it perfectly matches the original. In addition, these keys may be tested before they are finished to ensure that they work. Another key cutting technique involves using a machine that cuts the key based on the input. All you require is the original key and the machine will do the rest, shaping and cutting the key to your specifications.

Great For Motorcycle Locksmith

Key cutting is especially useful for cars and motorcycles. To prevent theft, the keys used for these vehicles are often more complex then those for homes. Key services from chain businesses may not be able to help you as they mostly service homes and business. This means that making a copy of these keys will require specialty assistance that can normally be found at a trained and certified locksmith in your area.

Be Sure To Use A Certified Locksmith

More often then not, people assume that a certified locksmith is going to be more money then a quick and cheap service provided by several different chain department and depot stores. The truth is however that the cost of a professional, local locksmith is not much more. In addition, there is the quality and skill that a certified locksmith will bring to cutting your key, reducing the need for you to come back and have it redone. When you are looking at an emergency and you need a copy of a key made correctly on the first go, then a certified locksmith will have the knowledge and skill to provide the services you need.

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