Female Hand Putting House Key Into Door LockMany of us have experienced the frustration of using a new key for the first time. Just inserting the key into the lock can be a challenge. While the key is cut correctly to fit the pins in the tumbler, the edges are sharp and the key fits snugly against the inside of the lock. After a few weeks though, you probably noticed your key slides in and out with more ease as the metal on the key and the lock ware down. Over time this ware continues, and the opposite problem can be just a frustrating. As the metal on the key and in the lock scrape against each-other, your lock may become less effective.

Purchase a quality lock for years of use.

A good lock can make the difference between many years of use, and the unexpected charge of breaking and entering your own apartment. Before you head to the hardware store to cut a low quality duplicate key, or to pick up the best looking replacement lock for your home, or office; you may want to consider contacting your local locksmith.

What about getting key copies? A good idea?

slide 1Getting a copy of the old key may seem like a good idea, but the problem wont go away. The original key demotions may not work with the lock since the pins have changed. In order to use the same lock, a locksmith will need to determine the exact measurements of the original keyway and create a new key. The other option would be to just replace the whole lock.

It’s true that some locks last longer under standard use, but how frequently you turn your lock is can have significant impact on how long you will be able to keep it in service. The same kind of lock that you may have used in the past, may not be the best option for your situation.

Consult with your local locksmith to know what is right for you.

Like most products today, locks have changed, and consulting a 24 hour locksmith can help you choose a security option that you may not even know existed. From traditional locks to remote and keyless entry, and form style to function; a quick phone call to a knowledgeable pro can make big difference in your peace of mind.

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