Lock Services - Round Rock Locksmith ProsDoes the word burglar in your house terrify you? Burglars will always terrify us, but that does not mean we can’t keep our homes burglar-free. Burglars can access your home from any opening, but mostly through unlocked windows and doors. Let us focus on the windows. According to statistics, 30% of burglars gain access to homes via unlocked windows and another 23% use the first-floor windows. With these statistics, most people lose their valuables or even find them in grave danger of forgetting to lock their house windows. Here are some tips to keep your windows buglers-proof.

Keep your windows locked

Any locksmith will say that no matter what, make sure your house windows are closed, especially when you are not at home. Keeping your windows closed might seem an easy thing to do, but actually, it’s not. You will find it easier to lock the door than the windows. Sometimes we forget to close the window. To safe lock, your window, use security dowels or latches. Install rod for your sliding glass windows.

Use grilles or bars

Metal grilles and bars are effective ways to safeguard your windows from break-ins and intruders. The metal bars or grilles always be installed from the inside ton avoid buglers from cutting the bar and gaining access to your home. For emergency install anti-burglar bars for all windows in your home including the garage windows.

Install good quality locks

Quality locks are indispensable to theft proof. You can buy an original lock, but that is not good enough to keep the bad guys away. Before purchasing a lock, find those that are:

  • Easy to install and inexpensive, but not easy to break or kicked in.
  • Buy solid and expensive, but make sure you have the key near you or you should at least know where they are to avoid losing the keys since the lock expensive.
  • Install bright floodlight
  • Burglars hate light. A bright floodlight can send a burglar running down the street. Install one over your windows and out of reach in case they are tempted to remove them. If you can find those that come with sensors the better.
  • Reinforce your window glass
  • Secure your windows by reinforcing your window glass. Some simple ways of reinforcing your glass include:
  • Using a protective film as window covers
  • Use security screens
  • Install sash-proof window glass.
  • These are some of the ways to reinforce your house windows and protect your home from burglars.