Safety is the first thing which is to be noted to all the events we possess. In case of houses, one need to look over for the safety in the door locks. The locks may differ in many types, which may include residential locks, commercial locks and other types of locks available for lockers. These are the categories in which a huge number of locks are available under each category.

Some of the types of residential door locks are available are listed below:

  • Sliding locks
  • Pad locks
  • Deadbolts
  • Single cylinder deadbolts
  • Double cylinder deadbolts
  • Knob lock or privacy locks
  • Lever handle locks
  • Furniture locks

Locks used for both residential and commercial purposes reveal the same amount of safety to the doors.

Sliding locks:
Sliding locks are the type of locks which have been used in the residential doors. it is used for the interior doors of the home. This sliding locks are attached to the door which is to be safer in the person’s point of view. These sliding locks can also be installed in the windows of the home.

Pad locks:
Pad locks are the only type of locks which is not attached to any supporting element of the door. They hang separately with the hanger of the door. Nowadays these locks are preferred only for gate use as there are many new locks available on the market.

Deadbolts are a kind of exterior locks which are of three varieties namely single cylinder deadbolts, double cylinder deadbolts and lockable thumb turn. These locks can be used for the exterior purposes which include the cage locks or gate locks.

Single cylinder deadbolts:
Single cylinder deadbolts are a variety of deadbolts which has single cylinder shaped knob fixed to the lock for easy closing and opening. These types of lock give maximum flexibility and security in all instances.

Double cylinder deadbolts:
Double cylinder deadbolts is also a kind of deadbolts which has two cylinder attached to their lock and it can be used in the cases of both exterior and interior locks. This can be used both inside and outside of the house.

Knob locks or privacy locks:
knob locks are frequently used locks among the types of residential door locks and are used in order to secure some of the things privately than usual. And here the door does not have any property as the lock is inserted into the cylinder and not to the door.

Lever-handle locks:
Lever handle locks are the types of locks which holds the up and down movement for opening and closing of doors.

Furniture locks:
The furniture locks are used for locking the sliding windows of the houses and also can be used for closing drawers, desks etc.

Find the best residential lock for your application:

Probably the best way to locate the perfect residential lock is by hiring a locksmith. A locksmith will have access to the most premium locks at better prices than most other places that you can buy residential locks. If you live in the Round Rock community then hire our locksmith services today by calling (512)777-0522.