December 25th 2017. – Round Rock locksmith a local locksmith in Round Rock Texas has announced their 5-year anniversary. 5 years their locksmith business has been in operation assisting Round Rock residents with every kind of locksmith service imaginable. The company offers residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services. They started as a little locksmith business and grew into the big locksmith business today.

“It has been quite the ride! We did not have much to go on but we made. We made it this far we will go another 50 years!” Said the co-owner of Round Rock Locksmith in an interview with press last week.

The company has announced that they will throw a party to celebrate 5 years in the locksmith business. The party will include free Kentucky Fried Chicken, coffee, Donuts and Soda-pop. The family and children is welcome.

“Bring your friends too because there’s going to be live music at the event”. Said the co-owner of Round Rock Locksmith.

“I am so excited to announce that the party will feature live music. Party there will be a band that everyone loves. Food. There also will be a raffle where the little ones can get a new bike and new skateboards and there are some clothes for the little ones too.

There is no exact date of the party yet but the co-owner said that they might have two parties one for the adults and one for the children during the day at the park.

“Yes we have decided to throw two parties. Our locksmiths like to go out and Gamble and the kids need a relaxed environment suitable for children. So two parties will be taking place. But the children party is not where the adults will be bad examples”. The co-owner concluded her statement to press.

The company is doing outstanding in the Round Rock area. For more information send them a message on their contact us page.