Magnetic Door Locks

24/7 repair and installation services for your magnetic door locks in Round Rock, TX!

Magnetic Door Locks  Magnetic door locks are popular for both small and large businesses at Round Rock Locksmith Pros. Here, we provide what it takes for the top quality locks, installation and repair services all at affordable and upfront prices. Our reliable and experienced local locksmiths will find the ideal solution for your commercial property professionally. Such locks are a combination of a key and a magnet maintaining high security at your commercial property.

The main advantage of such locks is no electricity is needed to keep them functioning. Because these are very hard to pick, they are highly recommended to conduct a security audit of your commercial space.

What is a magnetic Door Lock?

Magnetic door locks are kinds of locks that operate using electromagnetically charged magnet and a receiving plate that is installed on the door frame. These have a strong magnetic force either repel from, or attract to, each other once activated.
These systems get unlocked when power is out or fail-secure applications and are controlled from one central area ensuring safety and security of patrons.

The long lasting locks are highly reliable units compared to other locking devices as these include many moving parts in their operation. Due to the excessive strength from the current, such doors can take more pressure and can’t get forced open without a confirmed way for door opening.

Can magnets unlock the commercial door?

The magnets don’t let the lock to locomote. While each lock works in its own way, friction is often the case for an unlocking magnetized door. If one part of the lock has to move, make sure it happens easily. If attached tightly, it is not possible for magnets to move it

Round Rock Locksmith Pros is the leading manufacturer of magnetic door locks in the highest security market. We are one of the industry leading company and work 24 hours to provide our customers wide range of magnetic door lock services such as

• Durable magnetic locks
• Delayed magnetic locks
• Intelligent magnetic locks
• DM magnetic locks
• Shear Aligning magnetic locks
• Electromagnetic magnetic locks
• Cabinet magnetic locks
• Vista Magnets

Electromagnetic locks work when electrical current is passed through a coiled wire that’s wrapped around a piece of metal. In the absence of electricity, the lock is released. In case of emergency, such locks automatically get unlocked and can also be unlocked if electricity to the building is disconnected. These can be triggered with key codes, swiping cards or motion sensors.

Why choose us ?

At Round Rock Locksmith Pros, our skilled locksmiths will install secure and proper magnetic locks for your commercial spaces and corporate offices. We also offer magnetic repair and maintenance services if your magnetic lock is damaged or is not releasing. They will diagnose the issue and repair/replace the damaged parts in Round Rock, TX and surrounding areas for rapid services for your commercial areas for a long period of time

Our customers can count on us for:

• 24/7 availability
• 30 minute or less response times
• Upfront pricing
• Fully licensed, insured, and bonded
• Expert technicians with real-time experience
• Mobile locksmiths equipped with latest tools
• Installations and repairs using top brands

Our professional locksmiths will come to your location in order to take care of the problem in 30 minutes or less. We offer top quality magnetic door lock services and our team strives to fulfill your needs & budget with the best fit for you to achieve a confident sense of security. Our vans are well stocked with technology driven tools and equipment making it easy to quickly install magnetic door locks, simply give us a call at – (512)777-0522.