Automatic Door Closers

Now get a more pleasant and productive work atmosphere around you with Automatic Door Closers installed by the most trusted Round Rock Locksmith Pros !!

Our automatic door closers installation and repair services are designed specifically for commercial business owners who can count on us for 24 hours. We make sure that the office doors are closed properly whether you operate a small scale retails shop or have a large office space. Without an automatic door closer mechanism, the doors tend to slam shut or release a certain amount of air out before shutting. This security technology allows the visitor to lock or unlock the office doors remotely without having physical keys.
automatic door closers

What are automatic door closers?

Also termed as ‘door opener’, it is designed with the help of a motion detector which is controlled by a push button for opening and closing process while anyone comes in touch or closer to it. There are a wide range of automatic door closers available in the market such as concealed, surface mounted and action door closers. These are often used in loading spaces or at office entrances keeping the system really flowy in a peaceful working environment. Such automatic door closers need to be big enough for the required mechanisms that can be operated well. It’s understandable that doors require special attention in today’s times and to keep everything functioning in a very secure manner.

Advantages of Automatic Doors :

The advantages of automatic door closers include:

• The door lock is activated immediately when someone passes through it
High tech security and convenience
• Door locks are operated remotely
• Entry / exit release during emergencies
• Minimizes energy bills in the commercial property
• Door opening and closing becomes hustle free

How do automatic doors work?

Automatic doors integrate the security systems, panic hardware, and fire alarm systems to secure the entry or release of patrons during emergencies. These assess the daily flow of visitors as well as considered as a cost effective method in Round Rock, TX and surrounding areas. Also such doors eliminate the interruptions caused by banging of doors at the entry gates of retail shops, restaurants, clinics, shopping complexes, corporate offices, etc. Some commercial doors are not actively functional or work properly to an extent, might be due to wrong installation or depreciation of its respective components. Moreover, a significant amount of air goes astray causing ill working of opening and closing process of commercial doors leading to increase in the amount of energy bills.

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We offer top quality automatic door closer services and our team strives to fulfill your needs & budget with the best fit for you to achieve a confident sense of security. We also provide security audits to increase security as well as make repairs and replacements. Along with that, we can make you an appropriate number of keys and complete every step in the process.

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