Just like any other mechanical objects locks wear over time and there are signs that show the lock will need replacing. There are also measures you can take to prolong the life of the locks and this is done through regular maintenance. If you regularly maintain the locks, chances are they are going to last longer before you decide to change them. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the signs that will help you spot trouble in your locks that need to be changed:

Difficult when turning

If a lock is difficult to turn, this is a sign of trouble. You can try to oil it to see if the problem will go away and if not, this is a sign that the lock is wearing out on the inside. If you take it for granted, the lock will eventually freeze and if you insert the key it will end up breaking in the lock rendering it useless and you now have to replace it.

Stiff door handle

The inside mechanism of a lock is connected with the handle and if the handle becomes too stiff to turn, chances are the mechanism of the lock is about to fail. This is a common problem with the UPVC locks. Get the lock replaced before you lock yourself out of the house.

Pulling the door towards a certain direction to lock it

This one doesn’t necessarily mean the lock is damaged but it can mean the lock is not meant for that door and it needs to be changed and the right one installed. This is common to the locks installed by unqualified locksmiths. The locksmith might not know the exact lock that fits on that specific door or the one suitable for that door and they end up installing just any other lock that fits on the door. Get a professional locksmith to install your locks to avoid such problems.

Rusty lock

This is one of the most significant signs of a lock that needs to be changed. If the lock is showing visible corrosion signs, the lock is on the verge of getting damaged. A corroded lock can’t effectively close the door and you might find that in the long run, you have been leaving the house open since the lock is weak and can be easily manipulated. A lock is what guarantees the security of you and your family and can’t be taken for granted. Be sure to hire a qualified lock service to assist you.